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We make better forecast and decisions on real estate

Real Estate Big Data

Contain real estate basic information, geo-location and previous transactions. Exbidata has a collector function collects information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then sorted, analyzed in aggregate manners, and stored in our big data system.


A comprehensive search engine find their data by tailoring their own search parameters (e.g. real estate details, geo-location, price, transaction dates).


Download the data through APIs according to the set search parameters. API on Exbidata supports multiple programming languages and downloading formats including Python, R, Json, Matlab, Xml, Excel and Csv.

Technical Analysis chart

Sophisticated charting tools facilitated with programming capability, which has been commonly adopted in stock/Fx trading nowadays, yet rather new to the real estate industry. For novice customers, chart creation is completed in just a few simple clicks from our library of over hundreds of preset charting algorithm.

Algorithm Programming

For professional customers, if they are not satisfied with the preset algorithm, they can program their own algorithm in order to create their own charts.

Instant Alert

Instant alert system allows customers get the first-hand alert of what has been happening in real estate market, so that they can quickly respond. professional customers can create alert check points based on their self created chart.


Exbidata also knows knowledge exchange creates expertise. So it has a community space for customers who are passionate about sharing real estate insights. It offer Publish Trading Ideas, Instant Chart Snapshot & Real-Time Conversation

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